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Club Council Gives Students Opportunity to Realize a Vision

Posted by iusbvision on March 21, 2006

The Club Council is every IUSB club’s best friend.  It is a forum for student clubs and organizations in which officers of their perspective clubs can come together, share ideas, promote events, fundraise.

The goals of club council are to promote student unity, encourage communication, and build strong student clubs and organizations at IUSB.  It is furthermore a step toward building a strong student culture at IUSB, offering students a viable alternative to Bloomington.

As an extension of the SGA, Club Council is a grass roots student effort to communicate and build strong student organizations.  Coupled with administration’s plan to build the bridge and dorms across the river, increased student unity is moving IUSB away from being primarily a commuter campus to a university with student culture.

The club council receives an annual budget of $6000 and is divided between the fall and spring semesters ($3000 each).  Clubs can request funds for various projects and are encouraged to fundraise.

The club council consists of roughly sixty clubs and organizations.  It has about twelve active clubs at this point, but is expanding as more students become involved in student life and clubs at IUSB.  There are numerous active clubs and organizations at IUSB, but not all are active in Club Council.  Club activity in the council is growing, however, as clubs recognize the council’s benefits.

Soon there will be a club council website that has information available about and to all clubs.  It will have budget information, activities, upcoming events, and club news.  All students will have instant access to club information.

The Club Council is made up of an executive and legislative branch.  The legislature consists of all the officers of perspective clubs and organizations.  The executive branch is made up of the Chair, treasurer, secretary, and student life advisor.  All requests for funds will be approved at the biweekly meetings by the legislature.  Funds requested for under $50 will be approved by the executive board.  In the future there will be a need to fill all these positions so students are asked to get involved.

Club Council meets the second and last Friday of every month at 10 AM in the Club Room of the SAC.  Meetings usually last for one hour.

Article Contributed by
Derek Webb
Edited By: Rachel Wesner

3 Responses to “Club Council Gives Students Opportunity to Realize a Vision”

  1. el polo loco said


    Hey brother, how about that great economic news on Friday THAT THE EVENING NEWS DIDNT EVEN TALK ABOUT, 244,000 new jobs in March, pretty impressive.

  2. Socialismo hoy, socialismo mañana, SOCIALISMO POR SIEMPRE!

  3. Chuck Norton said

    Hi El Pollo,

    Thanks for reasing the Vision.

    The only thing I can say about your comments is this….

    Unemployment 4.5%, which is awesome and the yearly deficit is down over 22% due to increased revenue from the tax cuts and economic growth.

    I do have an article about the economy that is posted here so I invite you to give it a look.

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