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Club Showcase: Campus Bible Fellowship

Posted by iusbvision on March 21, 2006

Students of IUSB have likely noticed the Campus Bible Fellowship literature table in Weikamp Hall, with at least one club member at the table every day ready to engage in conversation with passing students.  Although it might appear that the club’s full energy goes into the literature table, it is actually just a small fraction of CBF’s activities.

Steve Giegerich and his wife Charlene are continually busy coordinating various activities for students from IUSB and other surrounding campuses.  Steve leads a regular Bible study on campus in the Administration Building cafeteria with the following schedule: Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 11:30am, 1pm, and 2:30pm.  Anyone is welcome to attend.

Steve has been a staff worker for CBF since 1990.  He says that he has been motivated to continue in this ministry by the love of Christ, summarized in the Bible verse 2 Corinthians 5:14: “For Christ’s love compels us…”  “Students need to be reached, and I’m willing to do that,” Steve said.  “I’ve given my life to the Lord to use me in the way He sees fit.”  Steve hopes that by ministering God’s Word to students on campus, that God’s truth might counterbalance some of the anti-Biblical university teachings.  Steve feels that many of the local churches have neglected the universities in their ministry, and he feels compelled to attempt to fill some of that void.

Steve’s wife Charlene holds one-on-one Bible studies on campus with some of the women who have expressed interest.  She also teaches English as a Second Language and holds American cooking classes every other Wednesday at the campus house.  If anyone is interested in meeting with Charlene or joining the cooking class, students may contact the campus house at 272-8890 or e-mail Charlene at

The Giegerich’s home known as the “Campus House” is open every Friday evening for events, games, fellowship, and Bible studies.  On March 31st, the campus house will be hosting a cookout at 6pm.  For directions to the campus house, students can visit the CBF web site at and go to the “Maps” page.

The prime event for the month of April is the CBF presentation of Steve Giegerich in Concert.  Steve has a master’s degree in piano and will be performing on campus in the Northside Recital Hall on April 1 at 7pm.  The Recital Hall is located in room 158, across from the bookstore.  The event is free and open to all students, faculty, staff, and community members.  CBF encourages everyone to invite as many people as they can.

The CBF web site’s schedule page contains detailed information on upcoming events following April 1.

Why does CBF exist?  The club’s web site reads, “The Campus Bible Fellowship club is a student organization that encourages the understanding of the historic Christian faith. We do not discriminate against anyone from other faiths, beliefs, races, sexual orientation, or ethnic groups. Everyone is welcome to attend the meetings and activities.”

In a nutshell, CBF summarizes their mission on their website in an acrostic entitled “What We Offer:”

For more information:
Contact: Steve Giegerich at

Rachel Wesner

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