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Did You Know? (Tomb of the Unknown Soldier)

Posted by iusbvision on March 21, 2006

To be selected to be a guard of the Unknown Soldier’s Tomb is one of this nation’s greatest honors.  But the fact remains that few know of the intricacies of the position.  For example, to even be considered for the position, a solider must be between 5’10” and 6’2” and have a waistline of less than 30”.  After being selected, the men are no longer allowed to drink or swear in public.  This is for the rest of their lives.  After serving for two years they are given a wreath pin, which is to be worn on the lapel.  If they disgrace the uniform in any way, the pin will be taken away.  Currently, there are 400 pins in circulation.  May God Bless these men and all they do.

The following are interesting facts about the Tomb and its guards:

  • Currently there are 175 souls laid to rest in the Tomb
  • The Tomb has been guarded 24/7 since 1930.
  • On his march across the Tomb’s front, a solder takes 21 steps in representation of the 21 gun salute.
  • There is a 21 second pause before an about face for the same reason.
  • The guards spend five hours a day getting their uniform ready for their half-hour shift.
  • Their gloves are moistened to prevent slippage of the rifle that they are holding.
  • The gun is always to be on the shoulder that is not facing the Tomb.
  • When Isabelle hit D.C. in 2003, permission was given for the guards to temporarily abandon their post.  They respectfully declined, and continued the honor, soaked to the bone!

Bo Lowman
Business Manager

2 Responses to “Did You Know? (Tomb of the Unknown Soldier)”

  1. jessica said

    I do not believe that the tomb has any purpose; for we know through DNA testing who the “unknown” Soldiers are; and if we havent tested on some already, we should. The Tomb cost to much money for everyone to pay for, especially if it keeps getting crack in it every other year.

  2. Sarge said

    Jessica with all due respect, you need to learn some history… Enlist then you will understand honor.. It isn’t just for the ones buried, so you can do your csi bs.. Its for the men and women that never came back home… We can spend millions on bs political pork, and your worried about cracks on such a historic, symbolic tomb!! Simply pathetic…


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