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Google Stands For Integrity If The Money Is Right

Posted by iusbvision on March 21, 2006

“Do no evil” is the motto of one of the most trusted internet search engine sites on the internet today.  From the beginning, Google had my loyalties, and when many people come to me with questions, my response almost 10% of the time is “Google it.”

Google has a great track record for doing what is ‘morally’ correct. However,

the US Justice Department recently requested that Google, AOL, Microsoft and Yahoo hand over 1 million random search requests to help create a filtering system designed to keep children from being exposed to pornography.   Google was the only one who denied them the information on the grounds of future potential government intrusions.

On these grounds, it is understandable why Google might be discouraged from giving up information.  Although in China, Google does not have a problem allowing the Chinese government to interfere with potential search results.  Google has given the Chinese government power to censor many different kinds of search requests.  Microsoft has done a similar thing with its own search engine site.  The types of search requests that are filtered by the Chinese authorities include daunting words such as “freedom”, “democracy”, and “U.S. Constitution”.

So it appears that when it is not financially beneficial to Google, you can rest assured they will not be willing to give up their ‘moral’ stances on important issues of privacy and freedom of speech.  However, if it becomes financially feasible for them to do otherwise, you may find them reasoning that it is better for us to get limited access to search engine results than no access at all.  I’ll have some integrity with a side order of selective-morality please.

Craig Chamberlin
Assistant Editor

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