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SGA Approves 50% Of Discretionary Fund To A Single Club

Posted by iusbvision on March 21, 2006

The Student Government Association strives to protect the rights of students, assist student clubs and generally work to provide a better atmosphere for students on campus.

The SGA receives nearly $30,000 each year to use at their discretion.  This money goes for all sorts of projects and clubs such as helping fund the Porn Nation speaker for Campus Crusade or helping the Society of Physics Students attend a seminar.  However, on March 10th, the SGA voted 8-2 in favor of providing $7,350.00 for 21 students for the Freedom Summer class.

To put this into perspective, students who went on the Biloxi, Mississippi trip received $1,300.00 in January.  The political science club received $555.00 in August and the Theatre Guild was given $867.00 to go to a theatre conference in January.  No single club has received over two thousand dollars in over two years and that request was vetoed by then president Audra Ammerman.

The bill was brought to the floor by Senator Kim Muncie and was approved by an 8-2 vote.  The only no vote came from Marcus Vigil who stated “This is a great cause, and I support funding this group, just not 50% of our semester’s allocation budget.”  Diana de Guzman was not present, but expressed similar concerns stating “I voted against this proposal partly by default since I left early. But even if I didn’t, I would have voted against it.”

Giving $350.00 per person would require seven students to use their entire activity fee to pay for one person to attend this trip which includes course credit.  The only senator who approved the funding and responded to questions was Isabel Dieppa who states, “No we are not paying for classes, or for their class supplies we are simply helping them out.  The same way as the SGA helped those on the trip to Biloxi, which could count as credit as well.  The students must pay for their tuition, as well as many or their expenses making each student pay 1300 dollars.”

SGA President Mike Renfrow vetoed the spending on March 16th citing “While I wish I could fund this trip in it entirety and I believe the Civil Rights Heritage Center is an organization of the highest caliber, a shinning example of our best and brightest, my position as President is responsible to the student body as a whole, all 7,000.”  He also pointed out “the total is an amount 3.5 times higher then [any amount] given to any club/organization from the SGA support budget previously in my two year term.”

At the March 17th meeting, some members of the senate tried to override the veto.  The override fell well short of the 8 votes needed as it went down to defeat 4-5.  The senators who voted to override were Isabel Dieppa, Kim Muncie, Shadreck Kamwendo, and Ivan Blount.  The senate did vote to approve $250.00 per person bringing the total to $5,250.00 saving the SGA $2,100.00 which can now go to work for other clubs.

Jarrod Brigham

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