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Club Showcase: Accounting Association An Important Bridge to Business World

Posted by iusbvision on April 4, 2006

The Accounting Association serves as a wonderful means of transition from the world of education to the world of business.  President Sharon Busenbark says, “My goal this year has been to increase communication about job opportunities to the members.”

Anyone can attend the meetings.  One can become a member by completing a membership form and paying a $12 fee.

Students find that the diverse membership is very beneficial in exposing them to many minds within their field.  According to the association’s written documents, “The objective of the IU South Bend Accounting Association is to compliment its members’ formal education with exposure to ‘real-world’ issues within the field of accounting.”

A key benefit to joining the association is the contact it provides early on between students and potential employers.  First, there are often CFOs or partners in CPA firms that speak at the meetings, often, according to Busenbark, “regarding their career path, what their company is looking for in an accounting graduate, what employment potential is like, etc.”

Sometimes the speakers are IUSB graduates, enabling them to thoroughly direct students in their education path to successfully reach their goals.  “To me,” says Busenbark, “these meetings are invaluable for gathering information about potential employers.”

Busenbark carries a very active role in attempting to help students with career success.  “I am in contact with many of the local (and not so local) companies and I pass along job and internship opportunities to those in attendance at the meetings and through our Website,” she said.  “I send out a weekly ‘joke of the week’ that I call The Lighter Side, and along with this I pass along timely information about job opportunities or important events happening on campus.”

The Accounting Association not only provides members with contact to the outside world, but also opens a forum for students to feel a sense of community with fellow students in the School of Business and Economics.

The opportunity for comradeship is invaluable, particularly when freshman are searching for advice and assistance from seniors and juniors.  “Students generally are not accepted into the School of Business and Economics until approximately their junior year,” said Busenbark.  “The accounting program is a very rigorous program, perhaps the most difficult of the ten concentrations offered in the School of Business and Economics.  Any kind of information or support one can get from those who have preceded us, is priceless.”

Students also have access to Accounting Association-only scholarships which include $500, $250, $250, and $150 awards.  The chances of winning one of these scholarships are very good.

Membership incentives can also include extra credit in classes, according to Busenbark.  “Most accounting professors offer extra credit or bonus points for affiliation with various accounting organizations, including the AICPA, the Indiana CPA Society, and also our Accounting Association.”

Membership forms are located on the two Accounting Association bulletin boards (one in Northside near Room 101 and one across from the Grille in the Administration Building).  A form is also posted on the website at

Rachel Wesner


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