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IUSB Dental Hygiene Program

Posted by iusbvision on April 4, 2006

The dental hygiene clinic located here at IU South Bend (Riverside Hall) offers many services for children and adults ranging from simple teeth cleaning, oral cancer screening, dental hygiene instruction, fluoride treatments, and sealants.

Because of class being in session, scheduling an appointment is necessary.  Appointments can be scheduled through June during the week for morning, daytime, and evening appointments.  Since treatments are supervised and need to be checked by an instructor, the actual appointment takes hours longer than a visit to the local dental clinic.  Unlike a regular dentist, insurance is not needed for the services at the IUSB clinic.

Dental Clinic Fees:

Teeth Cleaning (bitewings included)

  • Adult                                      $20
  • Seniors (62+)                         $10
  • Children (5+)                         $10
  • IUSB students,
  • staff,
  • faculty                                  $10


  • Full mouth                            $20
  • Bitewings                              $5
  • Single Film                            $1


  • Up to 4 teeth                         $10
  • Additional teeth                      $5

For further information or to schedule an appointment contact Riverside Hall:


Stacey Rummel
Guest Writer: Angela Brothers


4 Responses to “IUSB Dental Hygiene Program”

  1. nadira said

    is there any similar program in Falls Church ,Virginia?

  2. Danielle said

    Also, do you know of any located in the DeFuniak Springs, Florida area?

    Most colleges that have a dental school will have a similar program. Students need people and not just test puppets with fake teeth to practice on. Best wishes! – Editor.

  3. Thank you for the educational article! Very interesting and useful info!!! Check also this site.

  4. daniel oneal said

    Are there any type of programs like this in raleigh, north carolina? if so, would like email address, address or phone # where located

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