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Did You Know? (Easter)

Posted by iusbvision on April 18, 2006

With the Easter season just behind us, it may be a good idea to examine some of the holiday’s symbols.  The day itself began as a pagan holiday, which early Christian missionaries superimposed their celebration of the resurrection of Christ.  It is from those pagan traditions that the “Easter Rabbit” comes from.  The rabbit was the Earthly representation of the Anglo Saxon goddess, Eastre.  She was the goddess of offspring.  (Ah!!, now it makes perfect sense why a rabbit would be chosen…) 

This fluffy creature continues to this day to be associated with the holiday.  As for the Easter egg, that is an easy one.  The egg has long been a symbol of rebirth, and life.  The Christians used it to give a representation of the resurrection.  From the earliest times, eggs were wrapped in gold leaf.  Those who could not afford the gold often boiled their eggs with colorful plants in order to dye them.  (Hence, the tradition of Easter egg coloring.)  Put the rabbit and egg together, and you have the goddess of offspring delivering a symbol of rebirth.  At least this makes more sense than a baby being delivered by a stork.

Bo Lowman
Business Manager



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