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Things You Ought to Know: IUSB Daycare Center

Posted by iusbvision on April 18, 2006

Jennifer Taylor is the director of the Day Care on IUSB Campus. She has a Bachelor’s degree in early/preschool/kinder-garten and she is one class away from a master’s degree. The other teachers that work there mostly have Bachelor degrees also. The hours of the Day Care are 7:30-5:30 Monday through Friday. Anyone can use the facility but the cost differs if you are a student, faculty/staff, or community members and how old your children are. In the fall and spring they accept children from 1 year to 5 years. And in the summer they have a special program for ages 6-9 years. There is a $15 registration fee and a contract that must be signed. They provide the children with chances to work together and separate. They also provide a chance for art work or to experiment with music. They also get a chance to go outside and roam the campus.

They also have work opportunities. To be a lead teacher you must have a bachelor’s degree. But students can work there also preferably with the work-study program. The day care is funded by the university, student government, and private grants and also their customers. Jennifer wanted everyone to know that their day care is different from the rest because their lead teachers have Bachelor’s degrees. And their already enrolled costumers get first preference for reenrollment. The day care has already filled up for the summer and almost filled for the fall, so you better hurry if want to join your kids. The day care is located in the Administration Building room U-120.

Download this issue in PDF to see the IUSB Daycare weekly fees

Sandy Brigham
Copy Editor


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