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Club Showcase: Environmental Justice League

Posted by iusbvision on October 9, 2006

WANTED:  Looking for a superhero that lacks superhuman strength, nifty gadgets and gizmos, and who cannot fly. Only superpowers needed are interests and knowledge in global and environmental issues with the need to save the world!

The Environmental Justice League here at Indiana University South Bend is a club that offers its members a chance to become aware of as well as informing about issues pertaining to our environment and how that affects all life on our planet. The group’s proactive approaches to such issues range anything from the air we breathe to the ground pollution and how that affects our overall health.

Like the clubs mentioned in the past, you don’t need to be major in this area to join this club. Candidates just need the drive to make a difference in the community and world.

Whether you want to become aware of the quality of the water you are drinking or just want to be heard on your views of environmental issues, there is always room to grow in the Environmental Justice League.

Some duties of the Environmental Justice League are contacting officials, recycling, and distributing pamphlets. The goal of the club is to educate the public in order to reduce and maintain pollutants in our environment to prepare for a better, healthier future for our community and planet.

For more information about Environmental Justice League, log on to and find out how you can contribute to various organizations regarding awareness and safety of our surroundings.

To find out more about environmental issues in St. Joseph County or if you wish to have a job dealing with such issues, visit

To contact the Environmental Justice League email EJL President Lucy Rzeszutek at  or the EJL Advisor Dr. Marr at .

Stacy Rummel
Managing Editor

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