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IU Credit Union Makes Getting Cash Easier

Posted by iusbvision on October 9, 2006

After five years of working, the IU Credit Union has been able to put a new cash station on campus, specifically in Wiekamp Hall, outside DW1001.  The station benefits students utilizing the Credit Union by allowing them to bypass the $3.00 charge for using the 1st Source Bank ATMs on campus.

The Credit Union serves students, faculty, staff, and alumni with more than just a new ATM. It takes only $5.00 to open an account.  With that account, they offer free checking, free debit card transactions, and they will buy your first box of checks for you.  Family members and roommates of credit union members are also eligible for membership.

Laurie Ferrell, the branch managers states “as a full service credit union we can handle all financial needs such as consumer loans and  mortgages; basically everything any other bank can do, we can do too.”

The Credit Union is having a new promotion to send one student packing for paradise.  Starting October 9th and running through November, the Credit Union will be entering students for a trip to Florida, Hawaii, or Mexico.

For every deposit of $500.00 or more, you get a stamp on a passport.  Six stamps fills the passport.  Each full passport will be put into a drawing which will send someone to paradise.
Jarrod Brigham

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