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Searching for the Wellness Center

Posted by iusbvision on October 9, 2006

As the school year excitement seems to settle to calm, the promotion for certain student services offered at IUSB are beginning to settle as well. Although clubs still claim tables in some of the halls, a majority of clubs are minding their own. While some students may find this a relief, students at IUSB might also be losing out on resources that are meant to help ease college life.

One such organization that is under the radar is the Health and Wellness Center. In essence, this can be compared to the school nurse in grade school. However, the services do not stop with taking your temperature.

Certain services are offered especially for women. Women can go to the Wellness Center and receive birth control or breast exams as well as other services.

However, this may soon come to an end. The former Director of the Health and Wellness Center, Patti Nietch, recently was offered another position elsewhere and accepted the offer. However, because of the low budget set for a replacement, no such replacement has been found.

Why would such a valuable service receive budget cuts?
Funding for the Health and Wellness Center comes from Students Government Association. The budget set for the Director of the Health and Wellness Center comes from the Division of Nursing and Health Professions. Currently, IUSB is looking for a Certified Nurse Practitioner to replace Niech. However, the salary set in the budget does not cover the necessary funds required to hire someone with such qualifications.

Mary Jo Regan-Kubinski, PhD, RN, Dean of the Division of Nursing and Health Professions, commented on the budget cuts and the search for a new director. “Salary is an issue because what we have in the budget is not what a nurse practitioner can make in the health care ‘market’. We have permission to continue the search. I do not have an expected time for hiring a new director. Suffice it to say: the sooner, the better!”

Regan-Kubinski was unaware of any new budget cuts. It seems the problem does not involve budget cuts, but a need for budget increases.

Stacie Jensen
Assistant Business Manager

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