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This Week in History (Origin of South Bend)

Posted by iusbvision on October 9, 2006

On October 18, 1830, the name of “Southold” was changed to South Bend. The town’s name was derived from its trading post, which was called “The Bend,” and noted its southerly location on the St. Joseph River. A Colonel Lathrop M. Taylor renamed the settlement St. Joseph in 1827 and then Southold. The U.S. Post Office officially named it South Bend.

Also, this week in history, on the evening of October 12, 1933 ,Harry Pierpont, Charles Makley, and Russell Clark paid a visit to the Lima jail.  Before they left they had freed John Dillinger and murdered the Sheriff, Jess Sarber. The murder of the Sheriff had upset Dillinger. Contrary to most stories on Dillinger, he was not a cold blooded killer and felt Pierpont didn’t have to kill Sarber.

Before Dillinger was paroled on May 22, 1933, he had one thing on his mind….to earn back the nine years that were taken from him when he was arrested for assault on a grocer. He was going to make a name for himself in a very short time span. The golden era of bank robbery was coming to a close and Dillinger knew that his time was limited. He and Pierpont masterminded a mass prison escape, robbing several banks and businesses to raise the money to smuggle guns to Pierpont in Michigan City.

On September 22, 1933, Dillinger was arrested there while visiting a girlfriend. The
Michigan City prison escape still took place though, on September 26, with the guns
smuggled in by Dillinger. After he admitted to a bank robbery in Bluffton, Ohio, Dillinger was transferred to the Allen County Jail in Lima. Dillinger most likely thought Pierpont could break him out of the smaller jail if he happened to come looking for him. Which, undoubtedly, Harry did.

Carlie Barr

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