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Campus Bible Fellowship Entertains All

Posted by iusbvision on October 25, 2006

The IUSB Campus Bible fellowship Annual Fall Hayride went on without a hitch on Friday, October 20.  And boy, was it a fun night!

The event took place at a quiet farm in Bremen, Indiana.  Sports such as indoor basketball (in a heated barn) and  (for the brave willing to weather the cold) volleyball. But my favorite activity was wrestling in a large truck of corn.

There was also plenty of food to go around, with roasted hot dogs, chili, potato chips of every kind, and even hot and cold apple cider.

As soon as it was evident that everybody who would attend was there, everybody sat around for a lesson in farming.  We were treated to lessons in how farming has changed over the year (and how it hasn’t), as well as learning about various crops and their uses. Prizes were awarded for guessing the number of kernels on a cob of corn (between 500-800 average size) and for guessing the number of pods on a soybean plant (about 50).

A short bible lesson on farming was shared, and then everybody gathered at the wagon to get ready for the hayride. Many of the attendees had never even ridden on a hayride before.

Though the air was cold outside, I was warm settled on the wagon, snuggling with my boyfriend, holding a cup of hot apple cider with caramel and whipped cream, surrounded with friends old and new, all together for a ride through the countryside, looking up at the endless sky.

After the ride we all assembled for roasting marshmallows and sitting around the campfire, before the magical night soon came to an end. This was my first CBF sponsored event, and it surely will not be my last. CBF will be hosting an international dinner November 17th contact Steve at for more details. 

Stacie Jensen
Assistant Business Manager

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