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Club Showcase: Student Nursing Association

Posted by iusbvision on October 25, 2006

For those students who are already enrolled in the School of Nursing have to balance between regular classes, a regular life, and (GASP!) clinicals. With your hectic schedule, why not add another commitment to your life like joining the Student Nursing Association (SNA). Consider it a resume builder. Consider it a networking tool. Consider it group therapy.

The Student Nursing Association is in search of new pre-nursing students. With low attendance records, the SNA is having limited campus and community events. If you are a nursing student already, you understand the impact of balancing regular school, clinicals, and family. For pre-nursing students, attending meetings would be a great chance to learn what is expected once admitted into the nursing program.

The Student Nursing Association has also found a distributor how will sell nursing supplies at a discount price if he or she purchases through the SNA. Other benefits for joining the SNA is the ability to network with upperclassmen as well as having guest speakers share their experiences in the field.

Past events include national attention such as Hurricane Katrina Relief to something more close to home like blood drives and various walks around the community like forming teams for March of Dimes Walk America. There will be a Blood Drive on Monday, November 6th at 10am until 4:30pm (appointment may be necessary).

If you are in the nursing or pre-nursing programs here at IUSB, the Student Nursing Association can be a helpful move towards not only your future, but also in the lives of others.  In joining, you can meet with those who have experience in the field or those with a fresh start like you.

For more information about the Student Nursing Association contact SNA President Bobbie Costigan at or Sue Anderson at .

Stacy Rummel
Managing Editor

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