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The Vision Weblog Pushes the Envelope

Posted by iusbvision on October 25, 2006

If you haven’t found your way to the IUSB Vision’s weblog you’re missing out on over 200 comments from IUSB students and Vision staff related to our articles. The weblog has seen enormous traffic, over six thousand three-hundred hits!

When the concept of the weblog first crossed our desk, we knew it would be revolutionary for the news format. Finally, a system by which writers can be held accountable for the information they publish. I feel one of the largest issues in our media today is the lack of accountability. In adopting this system, we are attempting to push the envelope with news media and get students involved.

Obviously, we are not alone in this respect. About a week ago, the Preface adopted the exact same system for getting reader feedback. This is truly the news format of the future.

Some of the most popular topics in discussion on the weblog include:

  • Addressing Recent Issues with The IUSB Vision (18 Comments)
  • Top Colleges Rank Lowest on Civics Exams (22 Comments)
  • Clinton Administration Turned Down 10 Chances to Get Osama (42 Comments)
  • John Ratkiewitcs Letter to the Editor (27 Comments)
  • Democrats Threaten Broadcast License of ABC over 9/11 (19 Comments)
  • Is Chivaly a Lost Art? (32 Comments)
  • How We Should Fight Terrorism (14 Comments)
  • IUSB Gay Marriage Debate (28 Comments)
  • Protests at Military Funerals Abuse Freedom of Speech (15 Comments)
  • Can Anyone be Found Guilty of Treason Anymore? (14 Comments)

Do not fear posting a comment, all students and professors are encouraged to participate. If you are afraid of repercussions, you are more than free to make these posts anonymously.

One of the primary reasons these issues are so divisive is due to our society not rationally discussing them. The weblog should allow individuals the freedom to do this. Theoretically, if more individuals take an active effort to understand opposing viewpoints, they should have less contempt for them. After all, individuals have reasons for their viewpoints. As always, thank you for your continued readership.

Craig Chamberlin
Assistant Editor

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