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A Day On Board… Veterans’ Day

Posted by iusbvision on November 6, 2006


Vice Chancellor Alfred Guillaume served his country in Vietnam.  As a graduate student in 1969, he was drafted into the Army.  Although offered a chance to avoid military service and in disagreement with the war, “I felt strongly my responsibility and duty as an American citizen to serve in the Armed Forces”.

After saying goodbye to his classmates at Vanderbilt University, he took the oath to defend the flag and boarded a bus for Ft. Campbell, KY for basic training.

After advanced training in teletype communications at Ft. Gordon, GA, he was sent to Vietnam as a Private First Class.  He was stationed at Da Nang in the northern part of the country and Phu Lamn in the southern part.

Upon completion of his tour, Guillaume finished grad school at Brown University in RI.  He mentions, “In the army, I learned discipline, teamwork, tolerance, and gained a clearer identity of self and of my place in this world”. 

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