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Club Showcase: Criminal Justice Association

Posted by iusbvision on November 6, 2006

The Criminal Justice Association is a chance for those interested in the Fine Arts (just kidding). That is, the fine art of law enforcement and criminal justice. The Criminal Justice Association is a chance for those who want to learn and educate themselves and the public about criminal justice issues. The CJA also is a chance for those to come together as a group both regional and national. The regional chapter here at IUSB is the Phi Sigma and is located in the sixth region of the entire United States.

The main objective for the CJA is to promote greater awareness of this field. The club is willing to help students prepare for the future with speakers, conferences, as well as what is to be expected in this field as a whole. Not only do CJA members benefit from a few things just mentioned, but they can also receive scholarships to accompany their involvement.

So whether you want to build your resume with something pertaining to your field, or just want to check out what can be offered in the market of criminal justice, check out the CJA. The first couple of meetings are going to be held Monday, November 13th at 4 pm and Tuesday, November at 10 am.

Stacey Rummel
Managing Editor

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