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From the Beltway of the SGA

Posted by iusbvision on November 6, 2006

At Friday’s Student Government meeting, President Vigil followed up his State of the SGA address where he called on the Senate to bring forth student issues for the government to tackle. Senators went around the room bringing up the issues they would like to engage in during the upcoming months. This is a good move for the government as it puts the focus back on solving student issues instead of internal issues that seemed to be distracting the government recently. 

On a historical note, minutes from years past indicate that former President Mike Renfrow made the same call on the Senate last spring, calling for ideas and giving a timeline, but then he never followed through to bring the Senate back to the table, as President Vigil has done. So I congratulate the current President on his perseverance in keeping the government moving forward.

New Senator David Romero talked about working to enforce the smoking policy on campus.  This is a great idea and was presented in a diplomatic manner by saying he wanted to work on enforcing the policy without attacking smokers. His goals were given direct verbal support from Senators Mitch Royer and Misty Perrin. Bravo Senators.

Senator Erkki Kochketola brought up exploring options to bring back a 24 hour study facility on campus, something lost when Greenlawn hall started closing at midnight. Chief of Staff Kim Muncie brought up an idea about a “junior re-orientation” to help students transition out of the university and Treasurer Crissy Counsellor brought up some interesting ideas for changes during the actual graduation ceremony.   

These are all very interesting ideas which directly affect students and merit the governments’ efforts.

I want to say congratulations to the government for their efforts to come together as a whole to hit some issues of substance and of interest to the average student. I wish you all good luck in implementing these ideas and I hope you would feel free to share your ideas in more depth on our weblog,

Rashida Vindic
SGA Analyst

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