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The way to crush the middle class is to grind them between the millstones of taxation and inflation. – Vladimir Lenin

Letter to the Editor (Dr. Thomas J. Miranda)

Posted by iusbvision on November 6, 2006

Dear Sir,

I recently received a number of issues of the VISION and I must congratulate you and your staff on this publication. I have been a strong critic of The Preface and its contents over the years and I am impressed with the maturity of your publication. The articles by Chuck Norton are required reading and provide a very thorough perspective on critical issues facing this country. Thank you.

4 Responses to “Letter to the Editor (Dr. Thomas J. Miranda)”

  1. Sam said

    Chuck Norton “required reading”?

    … how out of touch with reality can a Letter to the Editor get?

  2. Rachel Custer said


    Seriously, is it necessary to deride others’ ideas whenever they are not exactly in line with yours? This letter did not address you, had nothing to do with you, and happened to have a nice comment regarding Chuck Norton in it. Why did you even feel the need to post? So this guy disagrees with you…I thought that diversity was encouraged by your camp?

  3. Sam said

    None of the threads in this blog has addressed me personally. I am just expressing my opinion, which is about Chuck Norton. I find almost all of what he writes to be outrageous, polarizing, offensive, and ignorant. I found it odd that the Vision would even make a point of publishing such a nonsensical Letter to the Editor supporting an individual who has managed to piss off just about everybody. Perhaps that is why I wrote.

    I disagree with most of what the editorial staff at the Vision chooses to initiate in terms of content. In other words, almost nothing here is in line with my ideas. That’s fine and I am not inclined to deride anyone due to that (you, for example).

    I really thought the Letter to the Editor in question was just laughable, and couldn’t believe Jarrod Brigham would publish such utter nonsense. I viewed it as an indirect show of support, which continues to stun me in light of how this one individual has managed to inflame your readership.

    “Required reading”? Please.

    To describe such a comment as out of touch with reality is an understatement. That is my own opinion.



  4. Rachel Custer said


    Well said. However, Jarrod can only print the letters to the editor we receive…and as you can see, that is currently the only one on this thread. You could write one if you’d like, expressing your opinion. Thank you for your response.

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