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They Got That Swing

Posted by iusbvision on November 6, 2006

The IUSB Jazz ensemble under its director Jerry Lackey provided a spirited performance on the evening of Wednesday, November 1. With ten tunes ranging from the charming Angel Eyes to a foot-tapping Brass Machine, the audience filling the Campus Auditorium Hall to capacity applauded both for each piece, as well as for each improvising soloist.

The highlight of the evening was It Don’t Mean a Thing, where the band answered the completion of that line, “if you don’t got that swing”, proving that swing they certainly had. Beyond the band, it was also a family affair – the vocalists Kelli, Kaitlin, Kortney and Krintin being the wife and daughters of saxophonist Wade Armentrout – and based on their sole performance of the evening, accomplished musicians in their own right.

The concert was filled with moments which classical musicians could envy: the ability to perform in a bright blue full-length coat, or in Dennis Gamble, to leisurely stroll up to the front of the stage to perform a trumpet solo, then walk to back of the stage to play percussion, and soon after back to the front to conduct his own arrangement.

As Andrew Lloyd Webber’s fictional character Bertram Wooster would say, the only flies in an otherwise unsullied stew, were the relative lack of stability and clarity in the trumpets, and the Box Office’s unusual instructions to this reporter that permission to take non-flash press photos required a prior paperwork application.

Though every performer seemed at ease on the stage, anyone who might have been able to watch their rehearsals would see that all that energy and spontaneity came with – or perhaps came from – dedicated and disciplined practice.

Andrew Filmer
Graphics Editor

2 Responses to “They Got That Swing”

  1. Andrew said

    The character Bertram Wooster in Webber’s musicals “Jeeves” and “By Jeeves” was based on a character created by P.G. Wodehouse.

  2. Andrew Filmer said

    True. Also interesting is that there is a minor character in the original Wodehouse that has my exact name – first and last.

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