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Campus Security Working to Ensure Campus Safety

Posted by iusbvision on November 21, 2006

With the news of the recent alleged rape leaking out to the IU South Bend student body, many students have begun to wonder if our school is safe. Students are beginning to wonder, “What if?  What if something were to happen to me? Am I at risk?”

According to Martin Gersey, Director of Campus Security, the answer is no. Whatever happened, or didn’t, in Northside Hall is considered an isolated incident, and the students of IU South Bend should not be alarmed. In fact, if students are still worried, they can feel secure knowing the Campus Security will provide services whenever a student feels frightened or just wants to be precautious.

If a student loses track of time, and realizes he or she will have to walk a long distance alone in the dark to reach their car, all they need to do is call Campus Security, and an escort will be provided.  Safety is a high priority on campus.

If your car is stalled, or you are in need of a jump or some minor help, just call Campus Security and they can offer some services to help you start your vehicle.

If anyone you know is in need of medical attention immediately, feel secure knowing that all of Campus Security has been trained in CPR, and some can even provide EMT services minutes before an ambulance arrives, possibly saving a life in those precious minutes. There is even a special hotline from any school phone, 9-9-1-1 (yes, remember the extra 9), and it will get you in contact with emergency personnel immediately.

And, even if the unimaginable happens, and you are a victim of some crime, take this advice: contact Campus Security or some emergency personnel IMMEDIATELY, and they will put you in contact with the right medical and police professionals who will give you the service you need promptly. Remember, in these cases, time is crucial. But rest assured knowing that there has never been a rape reported on this campus before the recent allegation.

Campus Security provides manuals with information describing what to do if you are in need of assistance.  Every student and staff member should have one of these, but if you have somehow slipped through the cracks, they are available on IU South Bend’s Campus Security webpage.
Stacie Jensen
Assistant Business Manager

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