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Conversation On Race Hits Ten Year Milestone

Posted by iusbvision on November 21, 2006

At a quarter till seven on Thursday, November 16, 2006 a full house of people from all walks of life can be heard mingling together while finding an empty seat to hear Manning Marable speak out about race.    

An interesting factor about this year’s conversation is that this year marks the tenth anniversary for “Conversations on Race”.

The night started off with Charlotte Pfeifer congratulating students and staff for their contribution and participation to make this community event actually happen. Following Pfeifer, honorary member, Dr. Alfred Guillaume Jr. took the podium to discuss the idea of racism and the needs to help solve such problems.

After Guillaume’s short introduction of the speaker, Manning Marable took the stage and pushed the subject matter deeper.  Marable discussed topics regarding the relationship between democracy and diversity.  Marable states that “we’re turning on a light in a dark room.  We’re in this together”. By acknowledging our differences and the pros and cons that incorporate diversity, we are able to come together and learn more about each other on an individual level as well as a nation. At the end of the speeches, Marable’s books were available for purchase and signatures.

This speech was just beginning. The “Conversation on Race” was a three day event that discussed these topics. Small workshops were set up around campus for more specific topics on race.  It was estimated that over 200 area high school students would participate in the conversations.

With the “Conversations on Race” hitting their tenth anniversary and going strong, the future looks not only secure for more conversations, but they will surely continue to secure the new education about race for those who attend.
Stacy Rummel
Managing Editor

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