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From the President’s Pen

Posted by iusbvision on November 21, 2006

First off, I’d like to start by wishing everyone a happy Thanksgiving. I know that I’m looking forward to sleeping in for a day and eating way too much meat. Speaking of meat, the SGA is moving to make a big difference at this campus. A few weeks ago I asked that every senator research and submit at least one thing that they would like to work on, to help make our campus better.

Here is what they have submitted to me thus far in a nutshell: Senator Romero would like to work on the issue of smoking areas on campus. Although he knows it is a sensitive subject, he would like to see a designated place for smokers to puff, so that those who don’t smoke will not be bothered as they walk around campus. Senator Peak would like to work on finding a qualified Director of Health and Wellness.
Senator KochKetola would like to work on issues including preserving and restoring legislative processes, and increasing access for students to study more on campus.

Senator Santos would like to see the SGA be a more representative government. She suggested having a senator from each school at IUSB, plus six senators-at-large. Senator Bryant would like to work on adjusting the absence policy for the working students.
Senator Huseynli would like to work on many things, including vending machine nutritional awareness and sports supplements in the gym. Senator Perrin would like to see what can be done about keeping the library open twenty-four hours a day.

Senator Granados would like to increase awareness of all the opportunities that are not fully utilized by students on campus.
Senator Mantiziba would like to improve the communication between advisors, professors and the counseling department, among many other ideas.

I look forward to hearing the ideas and suggestions of senators Jumbe, Royer, and Galicia.

Our Treasurer, Crissy Counsellor, would like to address the graduation ceremony, so that students get an academic mention for their achievements. My Chief of Staff, Kim Muncie, would like to instate her idea call “Junior Reorientation”. This would mean that once students achieve Junior status they are reminded of things they might forget, like searching for internships, buying a class ring, etc.

I have several thoughts myself, including: Helping to get funding for the Associates building, addressing the issues with the Arts department; in terms of student attendance to art functions, introducing RUCKUS (a program to allow students to download free music/media) to our campus, working with the future development of the library (have a new coffee shop/study area put in) in reaction to campus housing, and doing my part in the ground being broken for student housing.

There is a lot to be done at our university, and I am excited about being in a position to get these ideas looked at and accomplished!

Marcus Vigil

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