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Heart and Sold: The Scholarship Art Sale

Posted by iusbvision on November 21, 2006

The Scholarship Art Sale, co-sponsored by the Ernestine M. Raclin School of the Arts and the Visual Arts League, was held November 16-18 at the Arts Gallery. Approximately 600 pieces of art by students, faculty and alumni were showcased, priced from a dollar to 800 dollars. Twenty percent of the proceeds went towards scholarships in the visual arts, and 5 percent to the Visual Arts League to further promote such events. The Student Government Association also provided support for the Art Sale.

Some 50 artists were featured in a large variety of art. Items included large paintings in the style of stamps, and a mixed media work based on a plant, complete with bulbs – light bulbs, that is. Within the first hour and a half, over 60 people had attended the event, and empty spaces on walls indicated their financial support.

Artist Jason Cytacki’s oil painting of a penguin and a clay hand graced the promotional posters and postcards. For him, a benefit of the event was  presenting art in a proper setting and a different environment from that which the art was created. Visual arts lecturer Ron Monsma’s view was similar. “It is not only for the students but for the department,” he said. “Students get the experience of displaying and selling their work. It’s a lot of fun and the department benefits greater for it.”

“Each year builds a little bit more,” said Teresa Santos, President of the Visual Arts League and student coordinator for the event. She also noted that for student artists, having work displayed next to nationally and internationally recognized artists takes the intimidation out of presentation, and moves them into a professional position.

Andrew Filmer
Graphics Editor

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  1. Andrew Filmer said


    The caption for the picture in the Vision’s print edition was meant to name Teresa Santos as being the person on the far left of the picture (not “right”).

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