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Letter to the Editor

Posted by iusbvision on November 21, 2006

I was wondering if anyone out there has any idea on how to replace the vending machines in Greenlawn (and campus wide)? There are always problems with them. I know in a perfect world, they would all work all the time. They are machines and I expect problems, but not all the time. 

In Greenlawn, for example, one machine cannot accept dollar bills (it has the capability but that function is broken), another machine normally has outdated food, another just does not work most of the time, and still another likes to take students money but will not dispense any products or even give change back! I am sure the other vending machines on campus have problems also. Who exactly is in charge of these things? What needs to be done or who needs to be contacted in order to replace the old/worn out machines with ones that work? How many students need to complain before something is done? 

To me, it seems like a simple fix….replace the vending machines with ones that work consistently. This has been an ongoing problem for several years….what does it take to finally fix the problem? 

Lisa Marek

2 Responses to “Letter to the Editor”

  1. Vince Huseynli said

    I just spoke with the SGA folks and it seems as though
    they are in favor of me augmenting the goal of my
    committee to include the issue that Lisa Marek talked

    My suggestion to the SGA was this: We ask the admin to
    request that vending companies check their machines to
    ensure that they actually work and they don’t have
    outdated food in them — on a monthly basis.

    Also, we ask the admin to provide us with a monthly
    related report, showing that vending companies are
    indeed checking those machines — every single month.

  2. Rachel Custer said


    Thanks for your hard work; it is appreciated.

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