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Poker Club Showcase

Posted by iusbvision on November 21, 2006

When you look at the list of clubs to get involved with at IU South Bend there are many of interesting clubs, but one might jump out jump out at you to say “really, we have a Poker Club?”  Yes it’s true.

The IUSB Poker Club is in its second year in existence and as you can imagine they have had quite a few hoops to jump through. The club focuses mostly on the game of Texas Hold’em and bringing the fun and challenge that the game offers to the students on campus.  The club has a strict no gambling policy and all the events that the club holds, like their upcoming Tournament on December 1, are completely free. But the association of Texas Hold’em with gambling has been an issue for understanding the club.

The real goal of the club is simple: providing fun, safe, and legal entertainment for the students on campus, no different then the basketball team. 

The club has raised around $1500 through fundraisers and sponsorships. All of the money has been reinvested back into the club to provide a better experience for students at the tournaments.  In the most recent acquisition the club will be providing 2 brand new 84” authentic Texas Hold’em tables giving the players the chance for that real game experience. Where else can you match your current skills, try  the game for the first time, or just have fun with over 100 other from the area? Thanks to the IUSB Poker Club, you can do it right here on campus.

Article Contributed by:
Mike Renfrow

Poker Club President

2 Responses to “Poker Club Showcase”

  1. Paul said

    Good luck with your venture!

  2. Yeah. Good luck

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