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Response from the Senator

Posted by iusbvision on November 21, 2006

Each time I pick up a copy of the Vision’s latest edition, I am fascinated by its clarity, organization, and good substance. I wish each time my fellow students approached our vending machines on campus, they would feel the same about the quality of vending machine services. Unfortunately, that is not always the case (Please see letter to the Editor).

As the chairman of Vending Machines Committee, I’d like to address this issue. I have contacted both Mr. Steve Rose (Director of Dining Services) and Ms. Debbie Richards (director’s assistant), to discuss what we could do to enhance the quality of services and to add new features to the vending machines. I specifically asked them whether we could take part in upcoming contract negotiations with “Coke.” Unfortunately, as of now, for reasons unclear to me, negotiations must be private.

Another issue is the lack of nutritional info outside the machines. Ms. Richard’s response was that even if we had info booklets attached to machines, they most likely would be vandalized. She also pointed out that the vending companies might charge higher prices in that case.

With all due respect, I do not agree with Ms. Richards; if we had student participation during contract negotiations, companies providing services would be willing to be more flexible and more responsible. Let us not forget that our campus is an enormous market for the vending companies; if our students had enough power, we could get rid of mediocre companies and invite high-quality ones. I am still in contact with the Dining Services department, and I hope our committee achieves at least some positive results.

Senator Vince Huseynli

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  1. good entry.

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