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Titan Talent at Speech Night

Posted by iusbvision on December 6, 2006

At the end of the semester, Fine Arts students can be found gathered around the ticket office, scrambling to fulfill the Fine Arts Cultural Event attendance requirements. These events, which vary from course to course, are more often perceived by students at as requirements or extra credit, than as an asset to the School of the Arts.

One such event is Speech Night. This event connects with the S-121 course, Public Speaking. Speech Night has been a tradition at IU South Bend since 1982. The purpose of speech night is to profile the public speaking students as well as highlight the focus of Communications Arts in the school of the arts.

Speech Night comprises  three Speech Preliminaries, held on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday the 27, 28, and 29 of November, respectively. Each of the 23 finalists were chosen to speak on one of those nights. On each night, two finalists were chosen to move on to the Speech Finals, Monday December 4.

Public speaking of course is not all fun and games. Among the rules for the night were  time limits, and some speakers were disqualified for going too long.

The speeches had various themes, to which the audience usually reacted predictably.  Speeches varied from the dangers of drinking and driving, to the dangers of drinking soda, to even the existence of zombies (which gathered many chuckles from the audience). Breaks in between speeches were filled with spectators actively discussing what they liked or disliked about various speeches. By the end of the night, you could hear audience members debating whether their favorite speaker had been chosen to go on to finals.

The finalists on the Monday preliminary were:  Connie Sue Yost, Brittany Morgan, Erin Daren, Rahul Heberaj, Melinda Foster, Gabrielle Johnson, and Timothy J. Lies.

The finalists on the Tuesday Preliminary were:  Abbey Frick, Crystal Monnin, Lauren Curton, Jim Kollars, Ashley Dueringer, Michelle Flannery, Kevin L. Grainger, and Bobby G. King Jr.

The finalists on the Wednesday preliminary were: Danny Slott, Katrina Shoemaker, Samantha Crooks, Dani Clevenger, Kyle Hudak, Dawn Gleva, Heath Mendenhall, and Maya Watson.

Several students enrolled in Communication Arts classes also took part in Speech Night, as guest speakers, ushers, timekeeper, and as master of ceremonies.  The judges for the preliminaries consisted of IU South Bend’s Public Speaking professors.

Stacie Jensen
Assistant Business Manager

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