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When is it Time to Make a Commitment?

Posted by iusbvision on December 6, 2006

Everyone gasps when I tell them how long I have been dating my boyfriend (on and off for the past nine years).  After the initial shock follows from everyone the question along the lines of why aren’t we married?  This normally doesn’t bother me until recently when I have stopped and realized that I am almost done with school as well as turning 25 next year.

Am I ready for that next phase in my life or do I feel like I’m not keeping up with my peers who are already married and starting families?  I don’t want to be 30 years old and in the delivery room with my first child.  I have this notion of enjoying my children while I’m still somewhat young.

I understand I have my whole life ahead of me to share with this person, but the other half feels like time is somehow slipping away.  In ways, I feel like I am missing out on some aspects of a married life instead of the boyfriend/girlfriend situation I’m in now.  Am I wrong for feeling this way?  I know many people are like “don’t ever get married”, but I’m finding I’m longing for it day by day.

Another factor that doesn’t help is wondering if I’m marriage material.  After people ask me why we’re not married makes me ask the same question.  Is it safer to just date someone for the rest of your life?  Right now in my life, this doesn’t seem too satisfying.  I guess I’m just tired of being the girlfriend and really ready put forth the commitment.
Stacy Rummel
Managing Editor

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