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Women in Prominent Positions: Maureen Muldoon

Posted by iusbvision on December 6, 2006

Upon hearing the title Special Events Coordinator, one might assume that the job consists of fun and games. That is not the case for Maureen Muldoon, the Special Events Coordinator for IU South Bend. The job involves a lot of hard work, organization, and a very dedicated committee.

Organizing and planning has been a major aspect of Muldoon’s career since the early 80’s. She worked as a Meeting Manager for a large association for five years, until she moved on the becoming the Vice President and Secretary of the Bonnie Doon Ice Cream Corporation.

After leaving Bonnie Doon in the early 90’s, Muldoon became a business owner in the community, where she continued to plan meetings and special events for area businesses.  She came to IU South Bend in June of 2000, and has been the Special Events Coordinator since.

As part of her job, Muldoon works hard to organize all aspects of a special event held at IU South Bend. This could range from a club event to an area business luncheon. She works hand in hand with the Dining Services department, since most events often contain snacks or lunch of some sort. She has meetings weekly with her committee, so as to not fall behind on any upcoming event and to make sure everybody involved is on the right page.

One of Muldoon’s goals when coming to IU South Bend was to create a campus-wide calendar listing of every event to be held on campus. Though there are many calendars around and bulletins sent out, no such calendar has been created with events across many departments.

She also edits the Campus Scheduling Guidelines & Policy Manual, which details regulations and ideas for holding certain events on campus.

IU South Bend was not new turf for Muldoon when she became Special Events Coordinator. She has two IU degrees: an Associates of General Studies degree, in addition to her Bachelor of General Studies with Dean’s List recognition.

She was also a board member for the IU General Studies Alumni Association and past President of the Women Business Owners of Michiana organization.

“Being a Special Events Coordinator involves many details to put an event together.  Anyone in this field needs to pay attention to details. “I have a wonderful events committee,” says Muldoon of her work. She has organized events with various attendances, from 20 up to 2000.

Stacie Jensen
Assistant Business Manager

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