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Going Where No Lover Has Executed Before

Posted by iusbvision on January 14, 2007

Lovers and Executioners by the IUSB Theatre Company

Lovers and Executioners by John Strand, was staged in six performances last December by the IUSB Theatre Company.  The seven-character play was entirely in verse, and included a blend of comedy and drama.

Two characters of particular note were the extravagant conquistador Don Lope played by Abbey L. Frick, and the avenging wife Julie, played by Crystal S. Ryan. Both of these performers carried powerful voices that filled the theatre, and brought out the comedic lines of the script effectively. “What is this, conquistador humor?” was made particularly humorous by the exaggerated accent and motions of Don Lope, complete with an exuberant costume.

Their swordplay scenes, together with Zachary Hickle’s Octavius – with the amount of rehearsal effort so often underestimated – were exciting to watch. Bernard, played by Michael Kennel, was somewhat better as a jealous suitor in the comedic sections than as a remorseful husband later, but held a strong presence throughout.

Guzman and Constance, played by Brittany Gardener and Cassandra E. Nwokah, showcased some of the most impressive acting, with visual nuances and maximizing the full use of the stage floor being their fortes. Their shared main weakness was in enunciation.

The only other matters of concern were missing areas of repose and overall pace that lacked dramatic variety.

The stage effects, though few in number, added additional flavor to the play. Of particular note are the water in the fountain (in which Bernard is dunked several times) and the dramatic execution scene towards the end.

The script carried many parallels to works of Shakespeare; however, the overall tone of the play mirrored Mozart’s Don Giovanni, with the dark drama of the second half standing well away from the comedy of the first.

Any Trekkie in the hall would have quickly drawn a comparison of Julie’s magistrate robes with Q as judge in Star Trek. Despite some setbacks, it looks like the stage careers of IUSB theatre majors will indeed “live long and prosper”. Yes, my geek is showing…

Andrew Filmer

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  1. Andrew Filmer said

    This is the abridged version of the article; Craig, would you mind uploading the complete version here whenever convenient. My thanks in advance.

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