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Pregnancy Scares

Posted by iusbvision on January 14, 2007

Ever ponder that feeling of whether or not you’re pregnant before you have or miss your period? It’s like that two week worry in limbo of what to do. You kinda want to find out, but then you are too much in denial about buying a test to be sure. They do make pregnancy tests that read positive or negative less than two weeks after conception. Plus, you’re period’s due in two weeks anyway, so you’ll just hold tight until then. Right?

Since the female mind over-analyzes everything she encounters, this two week standby can be excruciating. Every aspect of your day points to a neon sign saying “PREGNANT”. Breast tenderness for normal PMS morphs into milk ducts filling up. Craving sweets or excessive food intake is “for the baby”. Any nausea or sickness is automatically linked to morning sickness. For a challenge, tampons go on sale the same week as diapers. Anything is open for interpretation.

I’m assuming many of you have had your share of pregnancy scares, denials, or worries when all along it was due to over-active imagination. I am wondering if any of you changed your lifestyle over this scare (i.e. didn’t drink, smoke, etc.) just in case you were with child. After your period, you are reassured, and life goes back to normal again. Does anyone actually learn from these pregnancy scares? Normally, we say “I’m glad that’s over” and the next month or six months from now—it’s the same thing.

I’m not promoting unprotected sex because even in protected sex, things can go wrong. Conception is conception regardless of what measures were taken for prevention. I am just baffled at how worked up women get over pregnancy scares. I’m not sure what triggers them. From my own experiences, I am trying to figure out if the scares are fed by sincerely wanting a baby or for other reasons like a guilt trip for the father (yes I am that malicious, and yes, I am better than that to actually do it).

Whatever the reason, we girls can be just stupid and we think we know our own bodies inside and out thanks to the sexual revolution. What we don’t know is whether or not we are pregnant and how to deal in that pre-test/pre-period phase. We over-analyze to the point we start to believe we are carrying, or worse, we fall into denial and ignore symptoms until it may be too late. My advice is to go get tested the minute you have that scary feeling you might be pregnant. That way you will know for sure and stop worrying over every discomfort your body encounters.

Stacey Rummel

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