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Super Bowl XLI?

Posted by iusbvision on January 14, 2007

The holiday season is behind us and the football season is at its peak. Last Saturday, I had the opportunity to watch the Indianapolis Colts (12-4) play an unbelievable game against the Kansas City Chiefs (9-7), raising concerns for those of us Bears (13-3) fans hoping for a Bears victory over the Colts in this year’s super bowl.

Although many know it is far too early to anticipate a Colts vs. Bears super bowl, I am definitely one of wishful thinking. Although if the Bears quarterback Rex Grossman keeps playing the way he has been, the Bears are definitely in trouble in their upcoming game this weekend.  Right now, many Bears fans are struck with a miniature panic attack every time they see the ball leave Grossman’s hand. In their last game against the Green Bay Packers (8-8), Grossman threw four interceptions in the first half.  In the second, they brought out their backup, Brian Griese, who managed to throw two more interceptions before the end of the game.  Most feel the Bears would have a better chance if their renowned defense had the ball the whole game. One fan stated in his frustration, “When Evil Grossman shows up we should take a page from Coach Red Beaulieu’s [The Waterboy (1998)] play book and just have the offense take a knee for three plays and punt it back, at least then we’d have a chance.”

However, last night the Colts defense was very much looking like the Bears. The Kansas City Chief weren’t allowed a first down until the end of the third quarter.  Meanwhile, the Colt’s Peyton Manning had already instigated a number of drives accumulating over twenty first downs.  Overall Manning didn’t have a par game; he threw three interceptions and failed two very important drives at the beginning of the game. In fact, he was looking much like the Bears Rex Grossman when he’s having a bad, dare I say normal, day.

The buzz around town right now is a Colts vs. Bears super bowl. If Rex Grossman can pull himself together for the playoffs and the Colts defense keeps playing the way they played last night, there is a good chance for it to happen.  Although if the Colts defense plays the way they did last night, I’m afraid the Bears will not stand a chance against the Colts in the end game. Now if somehow Rex Grossman gets as good as Peyton Manning, Bears fans like myself don’t have anything to worry about.  Hoping for something like this would be living in absolute denial. Then again, many said the same thing about the Colts defense about two weeks ago.

Craig Chamberlin

13 Responses to “Super Bowl XLI?”

  1. Bret Matrix said

    My prediction: Colts 19 Bears 9

    Do you think Tony Dungy feels cheated since technically he is the second African American coach to take his team to the Super Bowl only because the Bears played earlier in the day?

    Actually, leading up to this game, I never even gave it a thought that Tony and Lovie could be the first black head coach in the Super Bowl. Do you suppose that is progress?

  2. Rachel Custer said


    I never thought of it, either. I think sometimes the attention we constantly draw to race only persists in emphasizing our differences as people. On the other hand, it’s a great accomplishment for any coach, so I feel that should be discussed.

    Anyway, I gotta take my Bears this week. First of all, the Colts almost choked (again) this week, and if the Bears play defense in the Super Bowl the way they played tonight, I think they’ll win.

    I’m going to say: Bears 24, Colts 21

  3. Craig Chamberlin said

    As we say in Nerdville, It’s on like Donkey-Kong –

    Prepare yourselves for the Monsters of the Midway Colts… last time I checked, I think bears have a diet of both fish and horse… at least in two weeks they will. My prediction Brett… Bears 783 Colts -24. I think I’m being generous.

    Rachel, GO BEARS! HOOOAH!

    Quite an accomplishment for both Tony Dungy and Lovie Smith, it’s also really cool since they’re really good friends. It will definitely be a killer Superbowl XLI!!!

  4. Craig Chamberlin said

  5. Craig Chamberlin said


  6. Rachel Custer said


  7. Jarrod Brigham said

    The bears have proved over the years that they are completly incapable of drafting a valued quarterback (Grossman, Cade McNown, Kyle Orton). THey have equally shown that they are incapable of finding a viable free agent quarterback (Shane Matthews, Jim Miller, Kordel Stewart). I have looked across the league and would like people’s thoughts on how to address the qb problem. Obviously, they will draft too late to get a top quarterback, but maybe a Tyler Palko (Pittsburgh) or Jared Zabranski (Boise St.) will be available. I think the answer lies in getting a proven winner in free agency or trading for someone who is losing his spot as the team goes younger. Here are the options, let me know what you think. I have arranged them in the order that I think are the best options.

    1) Jeff Garcia (Phily)
    2) Jake Plummer (Denver)
    3) Chad Pennington (if he loses is job in NY)
    4) Joey Harrington (Miami)
    5) Drew Bledsoe (Dallas)
    6) Aaron Brooks (Oakland)
    7) John Kitna (Detroit)
    8) Marc Brunnell (Washington)
    9) Kurt Warner (Arizona)
    10) Kerry Collins (Tennessee)
    11) Chris Simms (Tampa Bay)
    12) Charlie Frye (Cleveland, if they draft Troy Smith)

    It is not a very promising list, but maybe they can find a diamond in the rough.

  8. Rachel Custer said

    I’m officially in a period of mourning to last not less than seven days. You’re right, Jarrod, the list isn’t too promising, but if I had to weigh in, I would say Plummer, Harrington, Pennington might be ok choices. The other young ones I don’t know too much about; I was so excited about this year I haven’t spent much time yet thinking about next year. Guess I should start now :.(

  9. Craig Chamberlin said

    Curse you Rex Gross Man! I suppose I shouldn’t be too harsh on him, after all, it is his first year starting (without injury, heh) and he ended up with a 13 – 5 record. Perhaps if we don’t get a different quarterback next time around he will sharpen himself up a bit.

    As for the game… well… our offense got CREAMED and even though our defense rocks, even ‘they’ can get tired when on the field for four quarters straight… *sigh*… Not to mention big turnover plays immediately handed back to the Colts. How many first downs did we get? A whopping 7?

    Congratulations Colts fans, our offense got schooled… but there is always next year…


  10. anonymous said

    Oh, I see, not only is the Vision a conservative propaganda machine, but it is also ideologically biased towards the Chicago Bears?!


    Where’s everybody been?

  11. Jarrod Brigham said

    Wouldn’t it make sense for the “conservative propaganda machine” to back the Colts, representing the city of Mitch Daniels rather than the Bears representing the city of Richard Daley, Jesse Jackson, and Barak Obama?

  12. Sam said

    Good point, Jarrod. However, I am sure that “anonymous” was not being serious. (But perhaps neither were you.)


  13. Rachel Custer said

    Sports before politics! One has to set one’s priorities in life. :)

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