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From the Vice-President’s Pen

Posted by iusbvision on January 26, 2007

With the year in full swing, this semester offers many exciting changes for IUSB and the SGA.  Several weeks ago, the SGA had a day long retreat where we formalized a plan of action to accomplish several things for this campus. At the end of the day, we finalized four top goals that we consider crucial for campus growth. First, we would like to address the manor in which the SGA funds student clubs and organizations.  By that, we would like to see some form of fund matching program initiated where clubs would be given greater control of how they use their money.

Second, the SGA is currently working with the Arts department to help form policy that will enable faculty members to individually set the rules governing the events attendance cards. In this, faculty will have the academic freedom to pick and choose what events are truly relevant to the classes they teach.

Third, the SGA hopes to present to the student body a final revision of the SGA constitution for ratification in April during the SGA elections. A concern with the current Constitution is that it is not fully equipped to handle the challenges that a continually diversified student body brings.  In particular we would like to address how student representation, in student housing, will impact the way the SGA serves the student body.

Lastly, and most important of the goals, the SGA wants to ensure the implementation of a Health and Wellness fee. This fee will enable our campus to offer the growing student body health care options that might otherwise be unavailable to them. A special thanks on this project goes to several individuals in the School of Nursing for their tireless work to see this dream accomplished.   

With groundbreaking on student housing fast approaching (Fall 2007), a full service Health and Wellness Center is no longer a luxury, but a vital necessity. A Health and Wellness fee will finance the center’s growth. It will also provide students built in health options, including a yearly check-up. Clarification on this will come at a later point in time.

If after reading these plans the SGA has set for this semester, you wish to be a part of this growth at IUSB, I would encourage you to apply for one of the open Senator positions. This growth is possible, but a lot of work will be needed to see its fruition. Good luck to everyone this semester, I am so excited to see what is ahead for IUSB.

Joanna Reusser

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