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Indiana University Presidential Speech

Posted by iusbvision on January 26, 2007

The Indiana University Board of Trustees are looking for your help to select the 18th president of our university.

Since Trustee Sue Talbot officially announced the search on Sept. 13th, the Presidential Search Committee has interviewed nearly a dozen possible candidates.

Vision readers may recall the controversy stirred up on the Bloomington campus after  former IUSB SGA President, Mike Renfrow was placed as the student representative on that committee.

The search committee is now asking for advice and suggestions from the students.  “The Trustees of Indiana University are interested in hearing from all constituencies… They would value your advice on the characteristics, qualifications, and skills that the new IU president should possess, and they would be pleased to receive the names of any individuals deserving of serious consideration.”

The committee has not set a deadline for a successor to be named, but President Herbert has announced his desire to leave the position by July 31st.

Mike Renfrow told the Vision, “We are progressing nicely and hope to finish the process without any major glitches.  I think the students and the state will be happy with the outcome.”

Students can leave their comments for the board by sending an email to

Jarrod Brigham

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