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From the Presidents Pen

Posted by iusbvision on February 10, 2007

Fellow Students:
February 20th is our annual “Get on the Bus”.  This is a time for all those of IU to meet and speak with the State Legislators in Indianapolis.  Everyone one who is in the IU system is encouraged to come together and lobby for major projects, such as the renovation of the Associates building.
The day starts at starts at 9AM, as we all gather on campus before making our way to Indianapolis.  After having some coffee, we load the buses and begin our trip.  Once we arrive at the State House, we register and listen to the speakers. This year’s keynote speaker is Dr. Bater, and there will be presentations by HHE (Hoosiers for Higher Education) as well.  After the speakers are finished, we break into groups and speak with our Representatives.  Each group has their own Representative.  After speaking about the importance of funding to IU, the day is wrapped up and everyone goes to dinner. When the dinner festivities are wrapped up we all get together and board the buses to head home.

There are many benefits to this one-day event.  First, getting the funding we need for the projects like the Associates building is crucial. The networking, either on the bus, or in Indianapolis is beneficial to everyone involved.  Finally, just to have a great day of fun, and to be apart of the political process and getting involved in government will be personally rewarding. This will be a time of fellowship with your peers, faculty, and other IU administration.

On a side note; all of IU campuses participate in this event, and starting last year, there is a formal competition to see which campus can get the most students to attend. We are the defending champions; we must and will win again!

I will close by urging everyone to join us as we head to the State House on February 20th.  You can register by signing up at any of the tables by the Alumni Office, the SAC, and in Weikamp; or by e-mailing Jeannie Metzger at JMETZGER@IUSB.EDU.

I’ll see you there!

Marcus Vigil

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