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From the Vice – President’s Pen

Posted by iusbvision on February 18, 2007

At the last Board of Trustees meeting February 2, 2007, the Board made several decisions that will have direct impact on the IU South Bend campus. The University has the intention of implementing a university-wide no smoking policy. This is not an uncommon policy. IUPUI already has such a policy in effect. Currently, IUSB’s smoking policy bans smoking within 20 feet of all entrances and inside buildings. The SGA welcomes your comments on this matter.  Chief of Staff Kimberley Muncie will be attending the next AUSA (All University Student Association) meeting March 1-2 to give IUSB feedback. The meeting will be held at IUPUI. The goal of AUSA, an association of all of the leaders of the various IU campus student governments, is to be the central voice of the entire student body to the IU Board of Trustees.

Also announced at the last Board of Trustee meeting was a policy change in the car rental policy of IU. After the latest contract negotiations, IU students, over the age of 18 years, can now rent cars from Enterprise at the reduced IU rate. This policy change also allows rental without purchasing additional insurance for being a young driver.

While this is a very exciting time for IUSB’s growth and development, it is also a sad time as some of the individuals that have helped to shape this institution are leaving us. I wanted to take this moment to thank four individuals who have devoted countless hours to the students of IUSB.

After three and a half years as the Director of Development, Jan Halperin will be leaving for a position in Chicago at American Friends for Hebrew University.  Her last day was February 15. In addition to serving in an administrative capacity, Jan also devoted herself to causes such as the Chad Pearson Scholarship Dinner.  

Patty Dees, Director of Affirmative has announced she will be retiring. Her last day is May 8, 2007. Thanks Patty for all your hard work for the student body.

For the past twenty years, Rose Marie Hengesbach has tirelessly served the students of IUSB. Past positions include Career and Placement advisor, Financial Aid Director, and her current position as Director of Student Scholarships. Rose Marie was also the first recipient of the Mike Wargo Distinguished Alumnus Award that honors active IUSB alumni.  From personal experience, I know that Rose Marie is always willing to take time out of her busy schedule to help students in whatever way she can. Her contribution to the student body will never be forgotten. A retirement for Rose Marie will be held on February 28 from 4 to 5:30 p.m., in the Alumni Room (AI 251B).  Her last day at IUSB is March 9, 2007. Thank-you for everything you’ve done! 

Jacquie Caul will be retiring July 1, 2007 from her current position as Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management. Jacquie has been at IUSB for 20 years, serving in numerous positions. In her time at IUSB, Jacquie has been a huge proponent of student life and organizations. Thanks for all of your commitment to student growth Jacquie. Your “shoes” will be very, very hard to fill.

Please thank these ladies for their years of dedicated service.

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