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The way to crush the middle class is to grind them between the millstones of taxation and inflation. – Vladimir Lenin


Posted by iusbvision on February 18, 2007

As I struggle to meet my varied commitments in a timely and efficient manner, I can’t help but think about those female college students who succeed in juggling so much more.

I admire these women, who work full-time jobs, raise children, organize a household, and still manage to get their homework done. However, I also find myself looking at these “superwomen” and feeling a distinct sense of uneasiness.

Sometimes I wonder if I will ever measure up, if I will ever be able to juggle all the commitments and responsibilities that make one, in our society, a “good” woman. It seems to me that a society’s successful woman is very different from its successful man.

A successful man excels at his job. A successful woman not only excels at her job, she excels at raising her children, keeping her house, and, not least in the eyes of the world, maintaining herself. And I must admit, to women like me, who struggle to find balance, those expectations are overwhelming.

Superwoman, of course, is a myth. But why, to be termed “good” by society, must women struggle to excel in so many areas, while men can focus on one. Perhaps the way for women to find balance is for society to begin to define men’s excellence, as well as women’s, by the way their children are raised, or the way their house is kept.

Speaking for myself, it would relieve some of the pressure if I knew that I would not be expected to be a Superwoman without the additional help of a Superman.

Rachel Custer

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