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Addressing Charges of Plagiarism

Posted by iusbvision on March 21, 2007

Recently, on our weblog, incidents of plagiarism were brought to the attention of the Vision editorial staff. We took these claims seriously and conducted an in-house investigation into the claims.
The articles in question were turned over to the University and informal hearings took place to determine what plagiarism took place and what disciplinary actions were to take place. The Vision editorial staff has left the disciplinary actions to the University, but we have accepted the resignation of one writer.
We must address some of the claims that were made about our editor on the weblog. First, a claim was made that it was entirely the fault of the editor that plagiarism took place. While, we will admit that we could have been more diligent by using the Google search on every single sentence, such a request is unreasonable. Using the Google search on the first sentence of the articles did not reference the original source.
Secondly, there is a matter of trust. With the success of the Vision, many of our readers forget that we are just a student club. We are a student club and all our writers are volunteers. We count on our readers to help hold us accountable when an issue of plagiarism surfaces. We would like to personally thank one ambitious blogger named “Sam” who caught the errors.
As we had no knowledge that plagiarism was taking place, we can only be judged by how we handled the situation.
As soon as the allegations were made we began researching the claims. The evidence presented was overwhelming and the writer admitted to his mistake. The matter was then turned over to the University.
We met with Assistant Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs Karen White to find out what precautions we can take to monitor articles more closely. We are working with Vice Chancellor White to put in further safeguards to keep this from happening. For example we will now have access to the software the university uses to catch plagiarism. We are also planning to put together a class on plagiarism for all who want to attend, including our writers.
We are setting the record straight by citing the original sources on our weblog. All sources for the articles that we have found to have been copied are available there. The participation of our readers, whether they agree with our publication or not, continues to help us in our endeavor to serve the IUSB community. We enjoy the free exchange of ideas and political banter that takes place on our weblog. Having many people on polar ends of the political spectrum helps in accountability.
We want to express our gratitude to Vice Chancellor White for assisting us in this maelstrom. We all must remember that the university is a place for learning. Many times, learning comes through making mistakes. When one falls off the horse, the only course of action is getting back on the horse and on the path. With the benefit of learning from the paths we have travelled, we at the Vision will continue to do our best in forging new ones ahead.

The Vision Editorial Staff

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2 Responses to “Addressing Charges of Plagiarism”

  1. Jarrod Brigham said

    I have the proper citations for the plagiarized articles on my home computer. They will be updated tonight, barring any unforseen circumstances.

  2. iusbvision said

    Please bear with us as we are in the process of updating the web site over the next couple of days. – Staff

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