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From the President’s Pen

Posted by iusbvision on March 21, 2007

Fellow Students:

Welcome back, I hope everyone had a great Spring Break. I wanted to tell all students about the Alternative Spring Break program that was put on by the Office of Student Life. It is a wonderful program that has operated in the last two years. It is a program where students have an opportunity to spend their spring break helping others. In the case of the last two years, ASB has helped to rebuild Biloxi, MS from the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. It is the kind of selfless act made by those who truly commit to giving, and I wanted to send a big THANK YOU to all those who attended this year and to all of those who helped to contribute to make this program possible. It is truly a life changing experience, as I learned from going on the 2006 trip. I encourage all students to give back, or get involved in a program like this at least once in your college career.
Get on the Bus was a huge success and I thank all of the students, staff, faculty, administrators and alumni who attended the event. This is another great program that all IUSB students should attend as much as they can. Get on the Bus is a annual February trip to the Indiana State House to lobby for support and funding towards IU South Bend. It is a great time and I wanted to let you know that our efforts are paying off. The latest update I have is that 27 million was passed in the House budget to fund the renovations of our Associates Building on campus. The budget is now in the Senate for decisions. I know that our efforts produced a record-setting attendance this year, which certainly helped us to succeed, We will remain diligent until we have the funding fully passed and signed. I will keep you updated as things go along.
The Student Government Association Elections are around the corner in April and I to encourage you to apply and during the next few weeks there are flyers, posters, and chalked sidewalks poster, encouraging you to get involved in your government. The last two years have been a wonderful experience. Student Government is a way to get involved in Student Life, leading the way with volunteer trips like Alternative Spring Beak, and Get on the Bus. There are positions all through our Student Government for all people with interest. Last year the race was not so competitive in the Senate, contrary to the previous few years when there were up to 33 people running for 12 Senate seats. It is because of the importance of the tremendous responsibility of the Student Government Association, as well as the great opportunity it is, that I will be pushing for as many to get involved and to run in the election this year as possible. If anyone is interest in information please contact me at . I would be happy to help you get started.
Finally, I wanted to let everyone know that the SGA Budget Committee will be presenting the Student Activity Fee budget on March 23rd at the 4pm SGA meeting is in room SAC 225. This is where students, and anyone interested can see how their Activity Fee gets disbursed.

Marcus Vigil
SGA President

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