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IUSB Wants Your Feedback on the Chancellor

Posted by iusbvision on March 21, 2007

President Adam Herbert appointed a committee in February of this year to conduct the five year review of Chancellor Una Mae Reck. The committee is chaired by F. C. Richardson, Chancellor Emeritus of IU Southeast. Other members of the committee are listed below.
The committee held its first meeting on March 5th to organize the review. President Herbert has asked us to complete the review before his terms ends on June 30th. A job description for the IU South Bend Chancellor is on General Reserve in the Schurz Library and may be viewed at any time during this process.
Opportunity will be provided for everyone on campus, alumni, and selected community leaders to have input into the review of Chancellor Reck. A confidential electronic survey will be made available in the coming weeks. Please complete the survey within the prescribed period of time in order to ensure your input into the review via this method. The Survey Research Center at IUPUI will distribute, collect and analyze the surveys and provide a report to the committee.
In addition, you will have the opportunity to share evaluative comments with the committee concerning the Chancellor’s performance. All written comments must be signed, in accordance with Board of Trustees policy guidelines for the review of chancellors. Unsigned statements cannot be considered by the review committee.
Finally, the committee has set aside April 9th-20th for individual interviews with members of the committee to provide verbal input into the process. The review committee will create small teams to conduct the scheduled interviews.
Please contact Marian Zuehlke at 520.4344 or to schedule an interview with a committee interview team.

Chancellor’s Review
Committee members:
Gretchen Anderson
Durleen Braasch
Cora Breckenridge
Nancy Colborn
Mark Eagan
Micheline Nilsen
F. C. Richardson, Chair
P. N. Saksena
Cynthia Sofhauser
Marcus Vigil
Julie Williams

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Chancellor Review

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