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Microsoft Office 2007 Now Available Free on Campus

Posted by iusbvision on March 21, 2007

As some of you may already know, Microsoft has recently debuted both their new operation system Windows Vista and office management software Microsoft Office 2007.

As one would expect, Vista has had mixed reviews ranging from tolerable to worse. Microsoft Office, however, has been having good reviews from users both around campus and in the blogging community. Thanks to Indiana University’s IU Ware I have had the opportunity to delve into their newest release of their Office software, which works with both Windows XP and Vista.

I have chosen to review both Microsoft Word and Excel because they are the most widely used within the Office package both on campus and nation-wide.

The first noticeable difference in both Microsoft Word 2007 and Microsoft Excel 2007 is the removal of the standard file menu in the upper left hand corner of the interface. No longer are options categorized into sub-menu options such as File, Tools or Insert. Instead, tabs point to the most relevant tools associated with a particular type of document one is editing. For example, the Home tab contains clipboard, font, paragraph and styling options while the Insert tab contains page, table, illustration, links, header and footer, text and symbol options. These functions are located in a great looking horizontal bar about an inch and a half tall using small graphics for each. The other tabs that exist include Page Layout, References, Mailings, Review and View.

Although it is inconvenient to re-learn the location of all these tools, their new locations eventually become both intuitive and comfortable. Overall the software is simply Microsoft Word 2003 and Microsoft Excel 2003 with a new interface and smarter auto-formatting. One downside that occurs with any new release of software is the lack of backwards compatibility with new saves. As a positive note to this, they both give you the option of saving as a ‘97 – 2003 Document’. I wouldn’t go out and purchase the new copy of Office 2007 at the retail price, but if you are a campus student I’d recommend jumping on IU Ware and download Office Enterprise Edition at no cost. Windows Vista is estimated to hit IU Ware in the summer of this year.

Craig Chamberlin

One Response to “Microsoft Office 2007 Now Available Free on Campus”

  1. Chuck Norton said

    If you use this product, be mindful that most everyone uses word2000, wordXP or word2003. Make sure that you save your documents in a format that is compatable with others.

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