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President-elect Addresses IUSB

Posted by iusbvision on March 21, 2007

  Dear Colleagues:      Last week, the Trustees of IU provided one of the greatest honors of my life when they appointed me the 18th president of our university. To walk in the footsteps of IU’s remarkable leaders is an enormous privilege. I welcome this challenge and will dedicate my heart and mind to leading this great institution.     My vision for IU’s future is that it will emerge as one of the best universities of the 21st century. But this will not be easy. We face vigorous global competition for the best faculty, students and professional staff; reduced federal funding for research; change within the state, nation and world; and seriously constrained financial resources.

     However, these challenges should not discourage us. We have every reason to set our sights high and work hard to achieve our aspirations. We have every reason to believe that we can reach our goals for expanded research and creative activity right across the board, increased internationalization and diversity, a renewed commitment to IU’s great arts and humanities programs, and a blossoming of the Indiana Life Sciences Initiative. We have every reason to believe we can enable all of our campuses to achieve their full potential.     
I am fully aware that I cannot implement this vision alone.  Doing so will require the cooperation of dedicated staff members such as yourselves.
      From the gardeners who tend our beautifully landscaped grounds to the registrars who record our students’ progress toward their degrees to the vice chancellors and vice presidents who make our budgets work, IU is the remarkable place it is because our staff give a 100% effort to their jobs each and every day.

I look forward to working with you when I take office July 1, and I welcome your perspective on how we can make IU an even stronger and better institution. I invite you to visit my Website at and to share your comments with me by writing to With all best wishes,Michael A. McRobbie


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