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Club Showcase: The IUSB Vision

Posted by iusbvision on August 8, 2007

     Here we go again with another semester at Indiana University South Bend.  So which club should you join? When is the first basketball game?  Were do you “fit in” at this crazy world of higher learning?  This is why the IUSB Vision is here to help you with information about on campus events, clubs, and politics at IUSB compressed into this publication in your hand.

     The Vision will be placing various clubs in the spotlight known as the “Club Showcase”.  This front page coverage of your club not only allows solicitation, but raises awareness of the lesser-known clubs on campus.  With such information anyone can find what he or she is looking for based on his or her interests.

     If you would like to showcase your on club on campus, just contact us at  We’d love to write a “Club Showcase” for your club on a first come, first serve basis.

     Don’t belong to a club or a sport, but know of an event on campus that everyone should know about?  Tell us so we can tell everyone.  Comments, debates, and letters to the editor are always welcome.

     New this semester at the Vision is not only more pages of coverage and entertainment, but we have welcomed more staff members aboard including 2005-2006 Student of the Year Shannon Renfrow, the notorious Chuck Norton, as well as SGA President  Marcus Vigil.

     With our new staff and more room for news coverage, we here at the Vision hope you enjoy reading this publication as we are excited in creating it.

     For those who enjoy debating, join us on the weblog page to voice your opinions.  Log onto with your comments.

Stacy Rummel

Managing Editor

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