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Club Showcase: The IUSB Vision

Posted by iusbvision on August 27, 2007

Do you enjoy writing just because you like to write? Want to make your voice heard in print on campus? Perhaps you can’t write for any of the other publications on campus or just don’t have the time to dedicate to any of them. Then IUSB Vision might be the club for you.

The Vision is a newsletter club. As a club, we are only sponsored by the funds that we raise or ask from the Student Government Association (SGA). We are not just allocated funds because we are a news source like the IUSB Preface.

“The IUSB Vision seeks to assist students in their quest to fit in on campus and join the campus culture. Though ideal for freshman, it also serves well for the most seasoned senior who is interested in gleaning a fresh perspective on campus club life, locating a new club that would peak his/her interest, finding new friends after changing a major, or simply getting caught up on some key events of campus life.” This information is taken directly from our website,

Spring of 2007 came the acclamation for all of the work done by all of the writers and staff for the Vision in the form of the Club of the Year award given by the SGA. “The awards for the clubs on campus are given to clubs who have shown that they can make improvements in student life. These are the clubs that exist to do good for campus and are willing to do the work for this improvement,” Teresa Granados, current Senator, has said of the clubs and the process for selection and committee chair for club awards, school year 2006-2007.

Whatever the reason for this award, we plan on still being that outlet for the student body on campus. We will still stand behind everything that we write. We are not afraid to defend what we say either here or on our website.

We want to hear the voice of the students and we want to voice their opinions.
Our online blog on our site allows you to interact with us about any of our stories.
Please contact us if there is something that needs to be said. Better yet, please join our writing staff! Contact our Editor in Chief, Jarrod Brigham or Assistant Editor Craig Chamberlin.

Misty Perrin

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