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From the President’s Pen

Posted by iusbvision on August 27, 2007

IUSB Family,

I would like to take this time to introduce myself to the IUSB Family. My name is Ivan D. Blount and I’m a non-traditional student. My degree of study is Organizational Leadership & Supervision.  South Bend is my home and I am a graduate of George Washington High School.  During this election I asked myself what this campus needed most from a student leader. I also pondered if elected, can I provide the leadership needed for the student body. In my assessment, I have concluded that my tenure  in the Student Government Association as a justice and senator were fertile training experiences; as a result my leadership abilities have grown as well as my desire to continue to contribute by forming deliberate relationships to benefit the IUSB student body.

As your president, deliberate relationships have been forged with a variety of Student Services departments.  For example, I have met with the Director of Career Services, Jeff Jackson, to inquire how his office will benefit our students. I concluded as students enter college with one goal in mind, which is to obtain their degrees, the Career Services office can be a vehicle that helps lead students to secure a degree by assisting them in a number of ways; such as, help with choosing a major, obtaining an internship, resume writing and assistance with finding employment, just to name a few. I strongly suggest that you visit the Career Services Office and inquire about how the office may serve you during your personal journey towards a successful tenure at IU South Bend. Additional Student Services departments I recommend you visit are the following: Education Resource Commons “ERC” Tutoring/Writing Center “TC”, Making the Academic Connection “MAC”, and Disabled Student Services “DSS” as well as the One Stop Information Center “Gateway to Excellence”.

Furthermore, a relationship has been established with the Director of Off-Campus Programs, as well as the Elkhart Center’s staff and faculty under the direction of Ms. Jackie Neuman. I’m extremely proud of this bond made with the Elkhart Center. I believe that it is imperative that we reach out to our IU South Bend students who attend our surrounding sites and help them understand that the SGA of IUSB also serves them.

Moreover, this administration will make deliberate strides to connect with community partners on a number of projects. For example, it is my goal to make frequent visits to local high schools in an attempt to create a “pipeline” for students to transition from high school to IU South Bend. Equally important, the establishment of these needed links in the community will become a viable tool to help students better understand the purpose and goals of the SGA.

Lastly, administrators are key components in the higher education system. I believe it is prudent that I establish a working and respectful relationship with them; I am convinced that a working relationship will help me in my advocacy for IUSB student body.

Have a Great year and live out your dreams through your educational endeavors. If you have any concerns or issues, please contact me via email at: or 520-5064. GO TITANS!!!

Ivan Blount
SGA President

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