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Club Showcase: The Poker Club

Posted by iusbvision on September 12, 2007

Perhaps playing poker should be some kind of club on campus. Wait a minute, it is! The IUSB Poker Club has been up and running for about a year now. This club’s main objective is to get the student body and the community involved in playing Texas Hold ‘em against each other.

Tournament Director, Mike Renfrow states, “The community, students and faculty are all more than welcome to join in any of the games.” In other words, if you can find the gaming room, you can play in the poker tournament; and don’t forget to bring your friends.

Winning money doesn’t sound like a bad idea. At least that is what most people who regularly attend these events seem to think. Every tournament has a winner and the winner walks away with $100 cash. No questions asked. The best part is that this entire club is free! That’s right, FREE.

There is no gambling allowed at any of these events. You simply win the money by being the best player at the event. Renfrow says, “The club doesn’t allow gambling. The definition of gambling is taking a chance with something that you have brought with you with the possibility of losing it for good.”

The winner of the tournament from August 31st was Andrew Ewald. He is currently the highest on the rankings on the club’s website,, where the club ranks players by points, determining who plays at the final table for the school year.

This website also lists the dates for all of the other events to be held throughout the remainder of the school year, starting with the next tournament which is to be held on November 2nd.

As stated above, Mike Renfrow is Tournament Director. Justin Matthews is Club President with Joe Spencer being his humble Vice President. These three fellows would love for you to join them at the next event where you have the chance to earn points, prizes and of course, free cash!

Misty Perrin

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