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The way to crush the middle class is to grind them between the millstones of taxation and inflation. – Vladimir Lenin

From the Vice-President’s Pen

Posted by iusbvision on September 12, 2007

Hi all- I hope classes are going well for you so far and welcome new students! I’m Jessica Jackson. I’m from Mishawaka and went to Mishawaka High School. I attended Purdue my freshman year for Aerospace Engineering before coming here. I’m a junior and Criminal Justice/Psychology double major and I plan to go to law school when I graduate to be a prosecutor.

I am also interested in politics. I work at the Student Activity Center (SAC) in the mornings and have already met many of you there as well as through my job at the bookstore during “Rush.” I hope I’ll meet the rest of you around campus.

Last year was my first at IUSB and I confess I had no idea IUSB had a Student Government Association (SGA) until right before Spring Break when I saw a table asking for applications to fill empty Senate seats. I was embarrassed by my ignorance of the organization’s existence until I found that the majority of students don’t know the SGA exists and many who do don’t know what the SGA does. Only 475 of 7,420 students this year voted for the student leaders who represent you.

So what does the SGA do? Students are automatically charged a Student Activity Fee that goes to the SGA’s budget committee to allocate to, for example, Athletics, the SAC, Titan Productions, the Preface, the Health and Wellness Center, and every club on campus, including the Vision. Any student organization can request funds.

The SGA has three branches. The Executive branch consists of a President, Vice President (me), Secretary, and Treasurer. The Legislative branch is made up of 12 Senators and chaired by me, as I am also the President of the Senate. The judicial branch handles legal concerns, disputes within the SGA, etc. Funding and judicial requests can be submitted via forms outside the office or on the webpage.

Besides funding organizations, Executive and Senate members serve on academic committees such as Academic Personnel, Athletics, Budget, Curriculum, Facilities, Technology, and Student Affairs with faculty and administrators. If you have concerns or suggestions the SGA can present your ideas.

We also do things within the community like joining Notre Dame for the Gulu Walk, representing IUSB in AUSA (All University Student Association) and helping prepare for the Higher Learning Commission’s visit that will determine our university’s re-accreditation. I’m also the captain of the IUSB team in the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk on October 6th. The website ( is available to donate or join the team and I have a Facebook group.

These are but a few examples of what your virtually untapped SGA can do for you. To ask for assistance, request funds, or present ideas or concerns, visit us in our office on the second floor of the SAC, room 202 or visit our website at The SGA e-mail is and my       e-mail is We’re here for you but we can only be truly effective with your participation.

Jessica Jackson
SGA Vice President

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