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How To: Rid your Dog of Fleas

Posted by iusbvision on September 12, 2007

Nothing is worse than a dog that scratches and bites its self all the time. My dog recently has been doing just that. One night she even cried while laying on our bed because it was so bad for her. So I was determined to relieve her of her suffering. 

First, I bought her a flea collar. It looked pretty cheap; but I thought that it might do the trick. Well it didn’t work, but I was determined to win that battle.  My next step was to give my dog a flea bath. According to some, flea shampoo is not necessary but I’m not taking any chances. 

So I gave my dog a bath.  I’m not sure if this is going to work for I just did it tonight. If this fails I have heard of some kind of pill that you give your dog for two months that will kill fleas through the medicine oozing out of their sweat pores. 

According to How to Get Rid of, “to help rid your dog of fleas you need to rid your house of them as well.” Fleas can hatch and live in almost anything, including furniture, carpet, and bedding. Wash everything in hot soapy water that your pet comes in contact with such as rugs, bedding, even curtains.  You will also need to vacuum your furniture and main area rugs. A great way to get rid of fleas is to not get them in the first place. There are preventive measures that you can take to be sure you don’t get fleas. 

One of the biggest ways to prevent fleas is to keep your house clean. Vacuuming weekly and doing a thorough clean of your home are vitally important keys to keeping your house free of fleas.
Sarah Chamberlin

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